Ubisoft just released a 40-player battle royale on mobile latest info

Ubisoft just released a 40-player battle royale

To cap it off, Ubisoft has launched Wild Arena Survivors, a new battle royale from the company specifically designed for mobile. It so happens that the game saw press back in June with a beta that ended in July, as the title has now reached a global release. On release day, this isometric 40-player battle royale is all set for the public. As you expected.

Ubisoft just released a 40-player battle royale on mobile latest info

A lot more collectible characters have also been included in this game, and as you upgrade them step by step, you can easily spend your days away. The gameplay also requires a lot of attention, with multiple mode options provided, including a single mode for all you hardcore fans out there. The lack of marketing for this game and its silent release is pretty obvious, so play with caution.

It offers a quick glimpse of Wild Arena Survivors. As you can see, it offers the typical mechanics of a battle royale, from falling on an island to an assortment of characters. The game appears to have provided an isometric view with a pre-rendered background to keep performance the same for select Android devices.

But there’s some doubt as to whether UBI has revamped some random survival game engine, given that the platform looks incredibly mostly the same for just about every isometric survival game. While the games offer plenty of some great graphics, I’d say they offer a Fornite-inspired flare, which is understandable because Ubisoft is jumping on the mobile battle royale bandwagon so incredibly.

Ubisoft has launched Wild Arena Survivors

As for the gameplay, there are multiple modes, including a single mode, so survival gameplay is definitely on the menu, though if you’re interested in Core BR mode as well, it’s all in one go. It does offer 10-minute matches for up to 40 players. , Not only will you spend your time collecting and upgrading characters, but you’ll also have to dig for loot to upgrade your weapons and gear. After all, endlessly running the treadmill turns out to be the ultimate goal of this type of sport, as long as you don’t spend the money to reduce the grind.

Kind of free-to-play, so it includes in-app purchases that amount to $104.99 per item. There are many currencies in it too, and of course, the in-game store is hidden from everyone until they forcibly complete the tutorial. The best part is that the tutorial doesn’t explain anything at all, so you’re literally standing on an island with zero direction, which may explain why Ubisoft is so silent despite today’s release. It’s a bunch of loot boxes and currency, so the game’s paid loot actually stays hidden behind a gambling mechanic.

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