Tekken 5 apk – Download For Free


Download Tekken 5 Apk – This game is very popular game in history. Which is especially karate and fighting type of sport. I have shared information about the characteristics of this game from Vistan. You can play this game by downloading it on your mobile.

Tekken 5 apk – Download For Free

Better features are provided in this game to make Tekken game better and more enjoyable to play. In it all characters of all versions tekken game apk and tekken tag apk game like it is provided, new characters are specially added whenever new update of this game comes. Each character has its own unique fighting characteristics that make it very different from the rest.

Original Tekken 5 APK Downlaod

This game is placed in the category of fighting games, in which you will get to see amazing fighting moves and styles in a new way here. As with all letters, there are many process moves in this game. In Tekken 5 game all letters get their own unique style of fighting, you can learn all the moves in this game as well as fight in this game to win.

tekken 5 apk

Tekken 5 apk has a lot of stuff provided here that are collected here so that the characters can be customized. If you want you can get all kinds of weird stuff for your characters here. Download Tekken 5 apk updated version for free.

About Tekken 5 App

The story of Tekken 5 revolves around the Mishima family and their curse. The previous Tekken games had this story as an added element, adding not only the cinematics, but also the supplementary text that completes the story here. This game in particular, the game is played as a tournament as usual, but now more plot is added to it than ever before.

It is, of course, included in other game modes for any fight that deserves a lot of attention. Theres an arcade mode, free-fight mode, as well as an all-new Devils In mode. In this you have to fight hordes of robots by advancing through different levels.


Tekken 5 App happens to be one of the best game series ever, with lots of popular characters to see here. The demand for this game is very high, due to which many films have also been made from its storyline. And now Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso preparing to release an animated series based on this game.

File Information :-

App Name : Tekken 5 APK

Apk Size : 38 MB

Apk version : 2.5


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