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Theapksfree, Sunday, May 1, 2022
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Download Superstorm Game: The parkour game of this game is a game characterized by and with the property of this game. The start of the new adventure in 2022 completely:

superstorm game – Download Latest Version 1.5

The game has a special character set in beautiful locations as well as levels in a strange monstrous world to overcome. The road you are walking is at the top of the abyss with burning magma, avoiding traps to pass the next level completely.

In this apocalyptic destroyed world, parkour has to be done at very high speeds through it is epic soundtrack and adding dangerous traps!

Discription Of Super Storm Game

In Super Storm Game Free APK you have to move between special portals in search of a completely new world, in this game you will have to go through a very difficult route, which includes dangerous paths like deadly traps, ferocious dinosaurs and boiling lava Will see you

The game mobile will be filled with obstacles full of very dangerous traps that have to be crossed. In this you have to keep moving fast in order to make different progress through the different levels, doing it yourself from the platforms and avoiding objects such as spikes and not falling into the lava.

Doing it on different waters. From hidden dangerous spikes to giant dinosaurs, the game also includes all you need to escape from in different locations and times of day. SuperStorm game features original authentic soundtrack as you enter from ruined cities to ancient ruins. In this the music has been written for the speed of the game.

File information :-

App name : superstorm

Apk size : 74.1 MB

Apk version : 1.5


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