Retrica Apk – Download Retrica Free Latest Version 7.4.4


Download Retrica APK – Retrica App has over 190 filters along with special effects to make you a catalyst for great photos. You can also add vignette, grain or blur effects to your photos and videos to get a retro atmosphere.

Retrica Apk – Download Retrica Free Latest Version

Instant collage in Retrica AppOne picture is not enough? You can take tons of selfies and turn them into a beautiful collage in an instant. With just one button in this app, your phone can be converted into a retro photo booth.

Stamp, doodle, and many more options with tons of fun stickers by Reteica Apk! You can use over 100 stickers to decorate and edit the shots you take. You can make any of your videos pop by this. You can also embed a personalized message on your selfie, and add the date and time to Retrica creative stamps. In this, you can decorate and edit any of your photos or selfies in many ways.

Download Retrica App Free

Download the Retrica Apk and decorate and edit your shots with fun stickers to stamp and doodle with over 100+ options. You can also embed a personalized message on your selfie, or tie together the date and time with Retrica creative stamps.

With Retrica App a Camera Apk, you will get many options in it so that you can edit any type of photos in your own way. It also has a great option of private messaging, so that you can do chatting as well. Retrica is not just a kind of camera, it is also a fear big community. In Retrica, you can also make new friends and send private messages with the new Direct Messaging feature.

File Information :-

App Name : Retrica Apk

Apk Size : 32.53 MB

Apk version : 7.4.4


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