Minibus Simulator Vietnam – APK For Android (latest version)

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Minibus Simulator Vietnam Apk : It can be said that Minibus Simulator Vietnam Apk is a completely new version with new graphics. To get the highest FPS performance, download with lots of bug fixes, fixes and improved features. And Minibus Simulator Vietnam gives you the experience of driving a real small and medium sized car in Vietnam, with the most popular car in the county of Hyundai with 29 seats, Ford Transit with 16 seats, Toyota Hiace.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam – APK For Android (latest version)

Minibus Simulator Vietnam This game inspired by a typical rural village in Vietnam. There is a huge group of vehicles in the city. By the way, there are many rest areas, red lights, speed cameras. It has a lot of billboards streets with familiar Vietnamese interests.

Experience and excellence can be drawn from previous games such as Car Simulator Vietnam Game, Truck Simulator Vietnam, as well as Bus Simulator Vietnam that Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a full-fledged game and the only series of passenger driving games produced in Vietnam. and distributed through the technology of Web3.

Features Minibus Simulator Vietnam :

With the experience of previous driving simulation games like Car Simulator Vietnam, and Truck Simulator Vietnam, and Bus Simulator Vietnam, the developer can confidently claim that this version is the best and best and flawless game sequel. It features completely fresh graphics, with more realistic signs, road signs, and 3D models of roads, trees, and houses.

They have also made the license plate change system flexible here. Now you can change the background color, number color, size and font type of your license plate in it. You can add the flag of any country of your choice. And in this game the car control button system has been replaced with an on or off switch which is designed to be similar to the buses in real life.


It has a rainy weather system and automatic day and night cycle timing.

Brand new graphics look more realistic in this game

Traffic police fined for breaking the law.

There are automatic bars at bus stands and toll booths.

New flexible license plate change system has been introduced.

Traffic AI makes the car physics move smoothly as well as intelligently.

Mp3 player feature.

Remote car lock feature by smartphone.

More than 12 different languages ​​are supported.

high performance.

This Minibus Simulator Vietnam APK latest version is free to download for android devices. Minibus Simulator Vietnam APK is the most popular app and game across all platforms. Developed by Web3o Technology in June 14, 2022, it has been a complete success to upgrade and remain popular among all the users. You can download and install Minibus Simulator Vietnam APK on your Android device.


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