Check Server Status Fall Guys Down?

Theapksfree, Tuesday, July 19, 2022

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Are the Fall Guys servers currently down? Fall Guys, the insanely lovable and addictively fun platformer, went free-to-play upon release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. This has also resulted in a massive influx of new players across all platforms, putting a lot of pressure on Fall Guy’s servers. In this article, we regularly update Fall Friends’ current status, as well as all scheduled updates, maintenance, current outages, and more.

Check Server Status Fall Guys Down?

Are Fall Guys Servers Down? UPDATE: On July 18th at approximately 11PM ET/8PM PT, the Fall Guys servers are experiencing problems and are offline. Players are also reporting connection errors and unsuccessful login attempts. We will update the article when we get more information.

Original story: At the time of writing, which is June 21, 2022, the Fall Guys servers were experiencing various problems. Players keep reporting failed login attempts, authentication errors, getting stuck on the loading screen, etc.

Why is Fall Guys server down

Right now a large number of new players are trying to play this game. Because of this the servers are overloaded and cannot accept this amount of concurrent players. We expect the situation to gradually normalize soon as the pressure on the servers eases.

Also, if the servers are offline, it can also be caused by a number of factors. An update may be deployed to the game, which requires a few hours of downtime. The developers are probably doing scheduled maintenance, and that’s why Fall Guys is offline. Also, the cause may simply lie within the server, and this needs to be fixed.

If there is any problem, the developers there keep updating about it. And, of course, you can always come back to this article, as it will be updated regularly with Fall Guys server status.

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