Calculator Lock – Calculator Lock Apk – Download Apk Free


Download Calculator Lock – This is a kind of gallery and video calculator lock with photo lock, know what is special calculator lock and how to use it.

Calculator Lock – Calculator Lock Application – Download Apk Free

It is designed like a calculator, also called HideX Gallery Vault and Video Lock, in which your special personal information and media files are kept safe by hiding your video gallery vault, photo gallery lock, audio important documents in it. can.

Anytime you can hide pictures and videos in calculutor lock as a series in this app, if your phone checks by mistake then it can save your required image video ajar other content. This app looks like a simple calculator, which is a lock apk with many features.

Discription of Calculutor Lock Apk

With the help of this app, no one except you can see your hidden folders or privacy files. You can create your own photo gallery and media gallery, manage hidden folders or albums of photos and videos, lock videos and hide photos from system gallery very easily. can.

Calculator Lock is a great privacy protection application to easily hide photos as well as your other important videos and files so that others can see them on your Android device.

With this apk you can keep away from your private videos, movies and images – calculator lock app is completely free application to hide unlimited pictures and videos in secret calculator – hide your important documents in secret calculator lock.

File Information :-

App Name : calculutor lock Apk

Apk Size : 10.5 MB

Apk Version :


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