Pupillary Distance App

Pupillary is the one is which the distance between the centre of your eyes and the optical centers of the lenses coinside. The pd value changes when you see or read a distance, and so you need different pd value in just a few seconds. When you are thinking of ordering of getting glasses, then pupillary distance is required. So using this app you can measure youself how much difference there are. 

Pupillary Distance App - Download Free 

Pupillary Distance App

Inch, mm, cm unit's are known in pupillary apk. The zoom view feature helps you align the pointers on the screen accurately. And the special feature of this app is that the option to share the PD results is also provided in it. Later the app estimates the average pupil distance it also result show on the top. 

Features of Pupillary distance apk: 

With front and back camera support pre- difined and custom preference object provided. 

Imperial and metric measurements unit : mm, cm, inch helps in mesument in this unit. 

Precise mannual rular adjustment zoom view features is provided for precise ruler adjustment. 

★ Share result with attached picture countdown timer with sound options. 


Eyemeasure lets you measure the distance between your pupil and now measure the height of segment, near and fast distance also in the pupillary app. 

Fie information:- 

App Name                 :       Pupillary Apk.

Version                      :        New 

Developer Name     :        tech positive

Apk Size                    :        22.72 MB     

Play store                  :        Link 

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